Strategic and Financial Targets

Terveystalo's Board of Directors has approved the new focus areas of the company’s strategy period of 2021-2025 along with strategic and financial targets.

Strategic Targets

Strategic and financial targets

During the strategy period 2021-2025 Terveystalo’s strategic objectives are: 

  1. The profitability leader in the Nordic region in private health services
  2. The preferred choice by customers and professionals

To achieve these strategic objectives the Board of Directors approved the following focus areas for the strategy period:

  • We build the smartest service model in the industry - We offer the most relevant service to the customer regardless of time, place and channel, from the beginning to the end of the integrated care chain.
  • We act as the customer’s health partner - We engage in dialogue with the customers, anticipate their needs and offer comprehensive wellbeing services.
  • In addition, service expansion in well-being and strategic and complementary acquisitions continue to be a part of Terveystalo’s growth strategy.


    Terveystalo’s financial targets and dividend policy

    Terveystalo Board of Directors confirmed the following long-term financial targets on 15 June 2020:

    At least 5% annual growth in revenue in the long term through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions 

    An adjusted EBITA margin of 12–13% of revenue in the medium to long term   

    Interest-bearing Net debt/Adjusted EBITDA not to exceed 3.5 times. However, indebtedness may temporarily exceed the target level, for example, in conjunction with acquisitions

    The aim is to distribute at least 40% of net profit as dividends annually. The proposed dividend shall take Terveystalo’s long-term development potential and financial position into account.