Terveystalo’s customer-driven high-quality services promote the health of Finns and, thereby, the well-being of the Finnish society as a whole. Our mission is to fight for a healthier life. In addition to providing tailored treatment for our customers, we strive to create a healthier society. Our vision is to empower people to long-life health and well-being. We don’t just treat illnesses – we support, advise, and keep in touch. Our mission is to support customers with our services that are based on extensively researched information.

Our competitive advantages include a wide and comprehensive network, a scalable business model, and a broad range of digital services; together with our development-oriented culture, they attract the field’s best talent.

In the spring 2020, Terveystalo’s Board of Directors approved the new focus areas as well as strategic and financial goals for the strategy period 2021–2025. Terveystalo’s strategic goals:

• To be the most profitable private health care operator in the Nordic countries
• To be the preferred choice of customers and professionals

To attain these strategy goals, the Board approved the following development areas as the strategy period’s focus areas:

 • We build the most intelligent platform in the industry – We provide our customers with the right service regardless of time, place, and channel, from the beginning of the treatment path to its end.

• We develop health partnerships with our customers – We support our customers and keep in touch with them, anticipate their needs, and provide comprehensive well-being services.

 Expansion of well-being services and strategic, complimentary acquisitions will be a part of Terveystalo’s growth strategy also in the future.


We are developing our operating model to respond to the transformation needs brought on by market trends. The demand for novel health services, pricing models and operative models is growing, while the scarcity of health care professionals is increasing the need for more intelligent use of competence. Digital services transform health care and create new solutions, but they also create new expectations from customers.

We are developing an intelligent platform to meet the customer expectations and demands in a scalable manner also in the future. The intelligent platform guides growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, and commitment. Through the most intelligent platform in the industry, we are able to provide our customers with the right service regardless of time, place, and channel, from the beginning of the treatment path to its end. By optimizing customer steering and personalizing services, we are not only able to utilize our own resources more efficiently, but also to improve the availability, quality and effectiveness of care and, through this, customer satisfaction. The intelligent service platform supports the management of the customer's entire care path, which is always built to be as smooth and effective as possible using the best care protocols in the industry.

The implemented functionalities in customer steering and supply management have already reduced bottlenecks in supply, increased the level of self-service and improved booking conversion. There is still room for improvement, and we will continue to invest in our intelligent service platform.


As many as 50 percent of working-age Finns have or are at risk of developing a lifestyle disease. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders, substance abuse, back problems and mental health challenges are increasing the need for preventive and well-being services. At the same time, the interest in holistic well-being is growing.

In addition to curing diseases, we want to create health partnerships with our customers and to keep in touch, predict the customers’ needs and offer holistic well-being services. We use digital solutions to engage customers and to offer a platform for continuous health partnership and personalized services. We will also introduce new low-threshold well-being services in our portfolio.

A key part of our preventive care services is the utilization of health surveys and other health data to identify health risks and steer the customer to suitable services. One example of new services offered through our platform is the launch of a strategic partnership with the Finnish health technology company Nightingale Health. With the agreement, we will develop new well-being services utilizing the blood analysis technology developed by Nightingale, which measures the prevention needs related to the body's well-being and health. Based on the collaboration, a new low-threshold subscription service will be built that supports and motivates lifestyle change.

We have been providing preventive care services to our corporate clients for a long time (e.g. physiotherapy and mental well-being), and have been able to verify the benefits of our services e.g. through reduced sick leave. In recent years, we have strengthened our service offering and network in well-being services through numerous acquisitions and partnerships, as well as investing in digital service models (e.g. mental health online coaching). Our goal is to continue this growth and further expand the use of preventive services among our private customers as well.


The COVID-19 pandemic faced by the world in 2020 strengthened the trends of health care and accelerated the change of the field. The digital transformation of the industry is a fact and people’s interest in their health and well-being is clearly growing.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have focused on agility and preserving room for financial flexibility. Operatively speaking, we have focused on optimal targeting of supply in the continuously changing demand environment. We have managed to create and scale up new services, like corona testing and digital services with tight schedules. Thanks to our agility, we have managed to defend our top line and profitability, which have overall been at good level during the pandemic, except for the very challenging second quarter 2020.

Despite the pandemic and our strong involvement in its response, we have also taken the implementation of our strategy forward. The key strategic measures during the past year have included increasing our digital offering and further developing our service platform. Terveystalo's comprehensive range of services for holistic health and well-being has further diversified, especially in digital channels. The Net Promoter Score* (NPS) for customer experience has reached record high levels in all of the measured areas. Personnel job satisfaction at Terveystalo is also at an excellent level, and the employee net promoter score (eNPS) has clearly improved. In addition, our brand preference has reached all time high levels and is clearly the best in the industry.

As said, Terveystalo has been at the forefront of addressing the immediate effects of the crisis, and we will play an important part in responding to the long-term effects. Elimination of the treatment backlog will require the input of the private sector, and the growing challenges related to mental well-being will call for more digital solutions. Thanks to the strength of our traditional clinic network and our digital capabilities, we play an important role in helping Finns to overcome the crisis and developing health care in the long-term.

Our strategy is not reliant on the development of the publicly funded market or policy decisions concerning the Finland’s Social and Healthcare Reform. It is based on the industry-leading innovations and competencies that also serve public buyers, and a bigger role would serve to improve the functioning of the entire healthcare system. Efficiently produced effective care benefits everyone – the individual, employer, and society.