From the CEO

Terveystalo is the largest and one of the leading private healthcare provider in Finland based on revenue and the number of clinics. Our service offering consists of a comprehensive and integrated treatment chain which includes nearly all medical specialties and diagnostics services, writes Terveystalos CEO Yrjö Närhinen.

CEO of Terveystalo

We are the largest private healthcare provider in Finland based on revenues and the number of healthcare units in Finland – in 2016, 12 percent of all annual doctor visits in Finland where made in Terveystalo. We believe that our nationwide reach and customer centric service offering allows us to continue to improve our market share and benefit from the potential growth of the Finnish healthcare market

Digitalization is an increasingly important driver for the healthcare service industry. We at Terveystalo want to be pioneers in this as well. Digital services and channels are a key part of our offering. We apply a comprehensive digital platform Oma Terveys, which supports our goal of producing high quality healthcare services regardless of time and place.
Quality of care and improving customer-centricity are combined in our corporate culture and are our competitive advantages. Already in 2013, we improved our business strategy for measurable impact.

Terveystalo aims to be a pioneer of Finnish healthcare and a responsible social innovator. We want our customer to be in the best possible hands – right from the first meeting.