Capital Markets Day 2 September 2020

Terveystalo held its Capital Markets Day for analysts, institutional investors and media on 2 September 2020.

Terveystalo hosted its first Capital Markets Day on 2 September 2020 in Helsinki. The event focused on Terveystalo’s strategy and growth plans. Through management presentations, the attendees heard about Terveystalo’s roadmap to reach the strategic and financial targets. In addition to President and CEO Ville Iho and CFO Ilkka Laurila, the day's speakers included other Terveystalo leaders, including the Chief Medical Officer Petri Bono, Director of Strategy and PMO Eeva Nyberg-Oksanen, Director of Operations Niki Kotilainen and Director of Pricing, Nora Härme.

 All the presentations of the day can be followed via the webcast recording at: .The presentation materials are available on this page.


12:00−12:40 Covid-19 is a transformation test for healthcare, Ville Iho, President and CEO & Petri Bono, Chief Medical Officer

Get better

12:40−13:20 healthcare for all with a scalable platform for growth, Ville Iho, President and CEO

13:20−14:00 solutions with the smartest platform in the industry, Niki Kotilainen, Director, Operations & Nora Härme, Director, Pricing 

14:20−15:00 for life with Terveystalo as your health partner, Eeva Nyberg-Oksanen, Director, Strategy & PMO

15:00−15:40 EBITA - The profitability leader in the Nordic region in private health services, Ilkka Laurila, CFO

15:40- 16:00 Summary - conclusions and closing words, Ville Iho, President and CEO