Responsibility management

Our responsibility efforts are based on our Code of Conduct and shared values. Our systematic management of responsibility is aimed at ensuring that we achieve our responsibility targets. Our continuous improvement model ensures that our services will continue to create value for our customers in the future. The management of Terveystalo’s key responsibility themes is described in the table below.

  Good health and well-being Ethical business
Description and purpose of the management apporoach The health and well-being of our customers are the starting point for the planning of all operations. The purpose of the management approach is to ensure patient safety and high-quality care. At the general level, our responsibility is guided by
Terveystalo’s Code of Conduct and values. The purpose of the management approach is to ensure the effective implementation of our strategy and the achievement of our business goals as planned.
Policies and commitments

Terveystalo’s operating policy, quality policy, internal control and risk management policy, self-monitoring, Code of Conduct, data protection and information security policy and compliance rules

Operations are guided by the Current Care Guidelines

Government Decree on the Principles of Good Occupational Health Care Practice 708/2013

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Other laws and regulations governing business operations, the industry and the operations of private service providers as well as customer agreements

The harmonized processes and procedures that ensure patient safety and high-quality care are documented in Terveystalo’s operating handbook.

Our policies and procedures pertaining to the data protection of patient data are documented in the Data Protection Handbook for patient care.

Terveystalo’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.

We always observe the laws and regulations governing our operations.

In addition to compliance with legislation and Terveystalo’s Code of Conduct, we aim to observe widely accepted ethical standards, such as the UN Global Compact principles. We also expect our partners and subcontractors to share and observe the same ethical principles.


Our services are of high clinical quality and are the most conveniently available to customers.

We provide the right service regardless of time, place, and channel, from the beginning to the end of the care path.

All Terveystalo employees have familiarized themselves with the Code of Conduct and completed an online course on Compliance to confirm this.

All of our suppliers have accepted the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Ensuring patients’ data protection and information security.

Resources and responsibilities

The Chief Medical Officer, physicians-in-charge, occupational health physicians-in-charge and dentists-in-charge are responsible for clinical quality at the national level, while regional service managers and specialty directors are responsible at the regional level.

The customer experience director is responsible for the quality and development of the customer experience.

The assurance and development of quality and patient safety are managed by the Group’s quality steering group, data protection team, safety team, and the regional quality network.

Terveystalo’s Board of Directors approves the Code of Conduct.

Terveystalo’s Legal & Compliance department is responsible for the implementation of the Code of Conduct in the organization and supervisors are responsible for communication related to the Code of Conduct.

Feedback mechanisms

Incident reports, customer feedback.

Each Terveystalo employee and practitioner is required to report actual or suspected misconduct to their supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor, Terveystalo’s Legal & Compliance department or via the Terveystalo whistleblowing channel.

Actual or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct are primarily reported to the supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor or Terveystalo’s Legal & Compliance department. They can also be reported anonymously via the Terveystalo whistleblowing channel.
How successfull were we in leadership and management We assess our management model based on feedback, identified development targets and achievement of goals, and modify it when necessary.



  Responsbile work Sustainable economic growth Sustainable consumption and climate action
Description and prupose of the management approach

The objective of our HR management is to ensure that our personnel have a high level of well-being and that they perform their jobs successfully. The management approach pertaining to occupational health and safety is described in more detail in the Sustainable work section of this report.

We always aim to operate responsibly and bring openness, transparency and a patient-centered approach to health care.

In addition to the renewal of health care and the prevention of illnesses, it means being a responsible corporate citizen and adhering to a responsible tax policy.

We also aim to use our strengths to continue profitable growth and increase the efficiency of our operations.
Our aim is to take our environmental impacts into consideration in all our operations. The objective of our environmental program is that everyone at Terveystalo takes the potential environmental impacts into account in their day-to-day work and strives to operate in environmentally friendly ways.
Policies and commitments

Terveystalo Group’s equality and non-discrimination policy

Terveystalo’s HR policy

With regard to communication and financial reporting, we observe the rules of the Helsinki stock exchange in accordance with our disclosure policy.

With regard to taxation, Terveystalo and its subsidiaries comply with a responsible tax policy in accordance with Terveystalo’s tax strategy.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are required to commit to the Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with the laws and regulations governing their operations.

Some of our clinics have ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification, which was expanded in 2021 to include the Group services.

Our Environmental Policy and Environmental Program cover the entire Terveystalo Group and meet the requirements of the environmental standard.


Our goal is to be the best and most attractive employer in our industry.

Improving Terveystalo’s employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to reach a good level.

Accident rate below the industry average.

Reducing sickness absences

Growth: at least 5% annual revenue growth in the long term

Profitability: Adjusted EBITA 12–13% of revenue in the medium to long term

Capital structure: Net Debt/Adjusted EBITDA not to exceed 3.5x

Dividend policy: At least 40% of the profit for the financial period distributed as dividends

We openly report our tax footprint annually.

We create jobs in Finland.

Carbon neutrality in 2022, zero emissions from own operations in 2030. The remaining emissions will be compensated
between 2022 and 2030.

We will reduce our direct and indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) by 80%
by 2025 (using 2018 as the baseline).

We will purchase 100% green electricity
in Finland by 2025.

We will minimize waste in all of our operations and forward all waste to be recovered:

The recovery rate and recycling rate of waste generated at Terveystalo units will be 100% by 2025.

Reducing the mixed waste intensity

Resources and responsibilities The Senior Vice President, Human Resources is responsible for HR management and its development at Terveystalo. The CEO is responsible for the Company’s day-to-day management and the implementation of strategy. The CEO ensures that the management of the Company is adequately arranged, and the Company’s accounting complies with the legislation. The CEO also ensures the appropriate arrangement of the Company’s administration and asset management.

The manager of quality and development is responsible for the ISO 14001: 2015 certificate as well as approving the environmental program and ensuring that the operations comply with it.

The Quality Steering Team monitors the implementation of the environmental program.

Feedback mechanisms

Personnel and private practitioner surveys

Hazardous incident reports by the personnel

Performance reviews

Each Terveystalo employee and practitioner is required to report actual or suspected misconduct to their supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor, Terveystalo’s Legal & Compliance department or via the Terveystalo whistleblowing channel. Internal and external feedback and internal development suggestions, Whistleblowing channel, incident reports.