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Sustainability reporting and documents

Terveystalo's sustainability reporting is prepared with reference to the GRI Standards -reporting guidelines. Terveystalo also reports to several external sustainbility surveys and ratings, which makes it easier for stakeholders to assess Terveystalo' s sustainability achievements.

Third parties regularly assess the sustainability of Terveystalo's business with various sustainability indicators. We are involved in the following evaluations, among others:


Terveystalo has received the ISS ESG Prime sustainability rating. This means we meet the high sustainability standards of ISS ESG in our industry and we are in the top 10 percent globally in the ISS ESG Prime rating framework. Our scores were better than average particularly in the areas of quality, patient safety, employee relations, and the working environment.




In 2022, Terveystalo completed the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) comprehensive climate assessment for the second time and was awarded a rating of C.


Upright Project

In 2021, Terveystalo received a rating of AA+ (Excellent+) in the Upright Project’s assessment of the company’s net impact on society. The rating is higher than 93.3% of all of the evaluated companies, 96.1% higher than the companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki and 50% higher than other health care companies. Net impact refers to the difference between positive and negative impacts, i.e. the comprehensive net value creation of companies. The Net Impact Scorecard is an indicator of what resources a company uses and what it achieves with those resources. Inspired by credit ratings, the scorecard summarizes each company’s net impact using a rating scale of AAA-CC.

Upright project rating.png

Global Compact

We are committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative, according to which we promote human rights, labour rights, environmental efforts and anti-corruption.

Terveystalo is a member of the Finnish corporate responsibility network FIBS and an official partner of Helsinki Pride 2022.


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