What to do if you have symptoms of respiratory tract infection

If you have symptoms (duration less than 2 weeks) of an acute respiratory infection (rhinitis, cough, sore throat, muscle ache) or other symptoms possibly indicating COVID-19, (fever, difficulty breathing, abdominal symptoms, change to your sense of smell or taste) or you suspect you might have COVID-19, you can find instructions and information about our Flu clinics and coronavirus testing locations on this page.

If you have received a negative result from a COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours by health care professionals, you do not have to go to Flu clinic. You can make an appointment for a Terveystalo clinic as usual.

What to do you if you suspect that you have COVID-19 and want to get tested quickly

To get tested, you always need a doctor’s referral and an appointment.

  • Enter your information in our  chatbot Terveysbotti and make an appointment with a sample collection point at least half an hour in advance. Our professionals will verify your information. 
  • Walk or drive to the testing point.
  • The estimated time to receive the result is 1–3 days, and once the result is obtained it will be immediately available also in the Oma Terveys service. The time it takes to get the result may vary depending on the city, sample collection time and sample transport. During this time, the tested person needs to stay in quarantine-like conditions at home. 
  • The price of the coronavirus test is EUR 198 for private customers, and it is reimbursed by Kela. The Kela reimbursement is EUR 100 and the price after the Kela reimbursement is EUR 98. More information about coronavirus testing at Terveystalo.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you´ll receive instructions from Terveystalo via SMS. If necessary, an expert from Terveystalo will call you with instructions for further treatment. The price for referral to further treatment is EUR 36. 

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What to do if you have symptoms of respiratory infection and want to talk to an expert

  • If you want to discuss your symptoms with an expert or you need a sickness absence certificate or a referral to a coronavirus test for a child or another person, you can contact a remote physician without an appointment through a chat or video appointment in the Oma Terveys (My Health) application or book a remote appointment: private customer’s video appointmentoccupational health customer’s video appointmenttelephone appointment
  • A remote doctor will assess the need for care and refer you to laboratory tests, imaging studies or a doctor’s appointment in a clinic that focuses on the treatment of people with respiratory tract symptoms. 
  • You can also book an appointment online as per the doctor's instructions. You will receive an SMS with arrival instructions.
  • You can also call our customer service at +358 (0)30 6000* to make an appointment to a Terveystalo clinic that focuses on the treatment of patients with respiratory tract symptoms.

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What to do if you have booked an appointment but you have symptoms of respiratory infection

  • All appointments are also available as remote appointments. If you feel well enough to have a remote appointment, call our customer service at +358 (0)30 6000* to switch to a remote appointment
  • Our customer service provides advice on how to proceed, and if it is not possible to use remote services, you can make an appointment with a clinic that focuses on the treatment of patients with respiratory tract symptoms.
  • Another option is to postpone the appointment and wait until you are healthy.

Flu clinics and separate coronavirus testing spots

We have introduced special precautions in our Flu clinics specializing in the treatment of patients with symptoms of respiratory tract infection. A nurse wearing protective equipment meets customers outside the clinic, offers them hand sanitizer and directs customers with respiratory tract symptoms to a separate waiting area. Our staff has been trained for special circumstances, and they will instruct you.

Flu Clinic indicates whether the clinic holds facilities specializing in the treatment of patients with symptoms of respiratory tract infection

Corona Sample indicates if the clinic provides coronavirus sample collection in addition to other laboratory tests

Drive-in  indicates if the clinic has an outdoor sample collection point dedicated to coronavirus tests

Rapid test indicates whether there is a possibility to take also test packages including a rapid antigen coronavirus test

Gargle indicates if sample can be given as gargle sample

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