Information about oral health services during the coronavirus epidemic

Our dentist and oral health services are open, and we provide care and support even in these exceptional times. Please see our opening hours here.

Please reschedule your time if:

  • you have a respiratory infection, see the instructions for symptomatic respiratory tract infection
  • if you have other symptoms related to a coronavirus infection
  • you have returned from a country at risk of a coronavirus infection during the last two weeks
  • you have been in close contact (more than 15 minutes) with a person infected with coronavirus
  • you have been feeling sick. You are welcome again when you are feeling well: when it has been over two weeks since the symptoms have started AND at least two days since the symptoms have ended

When you arrive at our dental clinic:

  • please arrive on time but avoid spending unnecessary time in the waiting room
  • please keep a safe distance from others
  • take care of good hand hygiene and practice good coughing manners
  • brush your teeth already at home
  • it is recommended to arrive with as few accompanying persons as possible and we kindly ask for the escort to wait for the patient outside the clinic, if possible.
  • the oral health staff will use a surgical mask throughout your appointment for your safety
  • we are avoiding the use of aerosol-producing dental instruments
  • before any dental procedures, our patients are asked to rinse their mouth with a solution that reduces the number of microbes in the oral cavity.

By following these guidelines, you can help us ensure that you and our other clients, as well as the healthcare professionals who care for you, stay healthy.