A list of prices charged for the most frequent types of visits 2018


Outpatient clinic fee* 19,40 €
For a series of appointments, we charge one outpatient clinic fee for five appointments. 
Kanta fee** 1,50 €
Visiting a General Practitioner  
Appointment, 20 minutes 59,00 €
Appointment, 30 minutes 76,00 €
Appointment, 45 minutes 99,00 €
Appointment, 60 minutes 141,00 €
Telephone consultation 32,00 €
Visiting a Specialist  
Appointment, 20 minutes 94,00 €
Appointment, 30 minutes 107,00 €
Appointment, 45 minutes 141,00 €
Appointment, 60 minutes 180,00 €
Telephone consultation 35,00 €
Visiting a Nurse  
Appointment, 20 minutes 31,70 €
Appointment, 30 minutes 42,90 €
Appointment, 40 minutes 60,20 €
Appointment, 60 minutes 82,70 €

The prices for visits to the clinic and telephone consultation are approximate and may vary according to the rates determined by the physician. The prices also vary according to the physician’s special skills and qualifications. Telephone consultation is usually subject to a fee, but if it is related to a visit to the clinic, the price may be included to the fee charged for the visit. During weekends, increased rates apply for emergency services. On Sundays, the increase is 100%. More detailed information on fees charged by physicians are available at our clinics.

* The outpatient clinic fee is also known as the administrative fee. It covers the costs associated with handling the patient’s case. Thanks to Terveystalo’s outpatient clinic fee, we are able to offer our customers a 24/7 online, mobile and telephone appointment booking service, advice over the phone or at the clinic, an e-prescription service, SMS services and the Oma Terveys service. The outpatient clinic fee also covers general administrative expenses such as office, economic and organizational expenses. The outpatient clinic fee is charged in addition to the price of the visit. The doctor’s fee only covers the costs associated with the treatment. 

** Starting from the 1st of January 2018, Terveystalo’s customers will be charged a Kanta fee. The Kanta fee covers fees and other costs associated with Terveystalo’s use of the Kanta service. The Kanta fee is 1.50 euros per visit. The Kanta fee is charged for all visits which are recorded in the patient’s medical records.

 For each visit, the following patient information will be transferred from Terveystalo’s patient data system to the Kanta service: information about visits, patient records, summarized information about treatments, diagnoses, critical risk information and laboratory referrals and results. Starting from the beginning of 2018, statements and certificates will also gradually be transferred to Kanta, starting with medical certificate A.

 The Kanta fee also covers electronic prescriptions. Electronic prescriptions make the services quicker and easier for the patient to use while also improving pharmaceutical and therapeutic safety, as all healthcare providers and pharmacies have access to the same information. Electronic prescriptions are also easier to renew than paper prescriptions, and the patient can go to any pharmacy to buy the medicine.

Cancelling an appointment

  • Cancellations of appointments with specialists must be made at least 24h before the time of the appointment. Other cancellations, also for therapists and oral health, must be made at least 12h before the time of the appointment.
  • Cancellations for researches and blood sample must be made at least 12h before the time of the appointment.
  • Cancellations for workplace and group meetings must be made at least one week before the time of the meeting.

The limits above shall be adhered to unless otherwise agreed in a separate agreement. For late cancellations and missed appointments, we charge the listed price in full.

Online and mobile cancellations are only available for appointments booked through the online/mobile booking service. To cancel an appointment online, you need the appointment code provided at the time of booking the appointment. If you do not have an appointment code, you can change and cancel appointments through the Oma Terveys service at

Surgery and other procedures, vaccines and medication

Separate rates apply for surgery and other procedures, vaccines and medication. If necessary, a detailed estimate of the costs of a surgical operation will be made available before the operation. We reserve the right to make changes.


We accept the following: Cash, debit cards and credit cards (Eurocard, Käyttöluotto, Mastercard, OK, Visa and Visa Electron). 
For major procedures, you may apply for Terveystalo Rahoitus (Terveystalo Financing).