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No two people are the same, and neither are two employers.

Our truly customer-driven Healthy Workplace model represents a new approach to occupational health. It is based on active and solution-focused collaboration between the employer, employees and other stakeholders. We set common goals and measure the results. Read more about our Healthy Workplace model.

Occupational healthcare is a term that does not do justice to everything we can do to promote the well-being of people and organizations. We are ready to dispense with this term altogether and start building Healthy Workplaces.

Thanks to our broad expertise and experience, we can offer the best possible service package to employers of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to large corporations and public sector employers. You can choose from occupational health packages of different sizes, and also opt for a fixed-price service.

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Small businesses and entrepreneurs

The smaller the company, the more quickly it will be impacted by sickness absence and work disability problems. Targeted, employee-centered occupational health services can be both invaluable and cost-efficient. A designated healthcare team knows your company and its needs.

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Medium-sized and large companies

In larger organizations, the management and coordination of the service package becomes a key factor. Terveystalo has got what is required to target the right measures at the right place: the most extensive specialist expertise and network of clinics, along with tools for steering with knowledge that best support the efficient management of work ability and productivity. A designated account manager and healthcare team ensure that you make the most of your service package.

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Public sector

State administration, municipalities and other public sector employers are among our long-term partners. We know the procurement and operating models in the public sector and have the ability to tailor occupational health services to its specific needs and targets.

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