Healthy Workplace—For healthier people and companies

Healthy Workplace is a concept and a model. In a Healthy Workplace, work promotes health and healthy people help the organization do well. They work together toward common goals and deliver results. They are motivated and engaged.

In a Healthy Workplace, work is safe, streamlined and productive. The organization culture is healthy and the atmosphere is good. The managers know how to manage. The amount and cost of work left undone are reduced. A healthy organization is a desired partner and an attractive employer. It is able to cherry-pick the best.

A Healthy Workplace calls for determined cooperation between the customer and Terveystalo. The goal is worth the effort: a Healthy Workplace and the work done to get there create a positive cycle where everyone wins.

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Healthy Workplace Model

There is a multifaceted and strong connection between work and health. The model helps analyze how a Healthy Workplace is created and how it can be maintained.

Puzzle: healthy work, healthy individual, functional work community and active leadership

Healthy work

A safe workplace and working conditions that promote health are the building blocks of healthy work. Risk factors and hazards related to the work, work environment and workplace community have been identified and brought under control. The employer, employees, occupational health and safety organization and occupational health services develop the working conditions together. The work is streamlined, and the facilities promote efficient working. There are enough people with first aid skills, and everyone knows what to do in case of an accident.

Healthy individuals

The work contributes to the health of the employees: it is meaningful and matches the employees’ skills, resources and work ability throughout their careers. The employees understand the goals of their work and are committed to attaining them. They have the opportunity to do their job well and be a valued part of the workplace community. The employees contribute to the workplace community and its well-being. Healthy individuals take responsibility for their own health and receive support for that where necessary. When people are feeling well, it has a positive impact on their lives overall.

Healthy workplace community

A healthy, encouraging work environment is an essential source of employee well-being and work ability. In a well-functioning community, information is shared, the goals are clear and problems are solved constructively. The work is streamlined because the structures and methods help employees succeed at work. The work atmosphere is inspiring. No one is left alone: people are treated equally, and decision-making and the organization of work are fair. In a healthy workplace community, people develop their work and adapt to changes together.

Active leadership

Active leadership is target-oriented work aimed at enabling the employees and the organization to succeed. The supervisors create a positive work environment and set realistic goals. Management is straightforward, participative and just. The supervisors organize the work and the workers in a sensible way that supports work ability. The supervisors are able to identify and react to changes in people’s work ability and personal resources.

Post it -note: Healthy workplace - let's go there together.

Working together brings results

A Healthy Workplace calls for determined cooperation between you, your organization and Terveystalo. Some effort is required, but it will surely pay off. Each step toward a Healthy Workplace will also improve the bottom line, because looking after the well-being of employees makes good business sense too.

Frame: Healthy workplace - for healthy people and companies.

Customer-oriented occupational health and well-being services

Why settle for traditional occupational healthcare when you can get a Healthy Workplace? We have developed our new service model after listening closely to our customers. A Healthy Workplace is in everyone’s interests. The concept is based on solution-focused collaboration between the employer, employees and other stakeholders.

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