Occupational healthcare services for employees

In addition to statutory occupational healthcare, Terveystalo's occupational healthcare services include services that aim at improving wellbeing at work, occupational healthcare-oriented medical services, examination and procedure services and other healthcare such as vaccinations.

The customer company can also offer its employees specialist services from Terveystalo. The customer company can select the level of the occupational healthcare services from our service offering.

The occupational healthcare services offered to the personnel of a company or organization are always based on the agreement made by the party in question with Terveystalo. Before you visit Terveystalo, you should check with your employer what services are available for you.

Occupational healthcare clinics across Finland

Terveystalo has approximately one hundred clinics around Finland offering occupational healthcare services. The customer company has access to all the offices offering occupational healthcare services with a single agreement.

Occupational healthcare services for companies

For more details about occupational healthcare services for companies and communities, please see the Corporate services section.