Coronavirus testing

Do you suspect a coronavirus infection and would like to be tested? Or do you need a certificate to prove your fitness to travel? 

Recent infection and Fit2Fly ceritificate

A corona test from nose and throat tells if you are currently infected by the coronavirus. The nose and throat test can be taken when you have symptoms that match with coronavirus infection or you have recently (within less than 14 days) been exposed to coronavirus. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, fatigue, running nose, nausea and diarrhea. Loss of smell and taste have also been associated with the disease.

Some countries require a certificate confirming a negative coronavirus test upon arrival in the country, so that the authorities can manage the epidemic and efficiently take actions to mitigate it. At Terveystalo, everyone who needs this certificate has access to a coronavirus test and the Fit2Fly certificate is sent by encrypted email after the results are ready within 2–3 days of testing. The certificate serves as an official certificate of the person’s fitness to travel.

Price of the nose and throat test 205 € (149 € after Kela reimbursement) 
In addition to taking the test sample, the price also includes contacting the patient as well as instructions for further treatment if the test result is positive.

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Previous infection

The antibody test that is performed on a blood test, tells if you have already had the coronavirus disease. The antibody test can be performed at least three weeks after the symptoms began or you were exposed to the virus and you have no symptoms.

Price of the antibody test 89 € (84 € after Kela compensation)

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Coronavirus testing of non-Finnish citizens

Molecular diagnostic tests (so-called coronavirus nose and throat tests) and antibody tests always require a referral. The easiest way to get a referral is by using Terveystalo’s Doctor Chat 24/7 service, which is open to everyone with a Finnish personal identity code.

In addition to Finnish citizens, coronavirus testing at Terveystalo is also open to everyone else, whether or not they show symptoms 

Testing is particularly recommended for those who arrive in Finland from countries that currently have a higher incidence of coronavirus than Finland. Examples include work-related travel to Finland for a project or work assignment as well as tourists arriving in Finland.

  • By taking a coronavirus nose and throat test, asymptomatic people can make certain that they have not been infected.
  • The coronavirus antibody test reveals a previous infection and whether or not the person has already had the disease.

If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, here’s what you should do:

  • Book a testing appointment by calling our customer service number 030 6000*
  • The nurse will provide you with a referral and book a testing appointment at the clinic of your choice
  • After the test you will receive a certificate of your results within 2-3 days by way of encrypted e-mail
  • Should your coronavirus test be positive, an expert from Terveystalo will call you with instructions for further treatment

The total price of the test, certificate and results is 

  • 235 euros for a coronavirus  nose and throat test
  • 119 euros for a coronavirus antibody test

Should you fall ill while in Finland, you can seek medical assistance at our clinics specializing in the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory tract infection symptoms. Book an appointment by calling our customer service number 030 6000*.

Book 24/7 by calling 030 6000*

Questions concerning the corona tests? Call 030 6000*

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* The price of the call 8,35 cent/call + 3,20 cent/min. From a mobile phone 8,35 cent/call + 19,33 cent/min.