The best return for your health investment

Occupational health is a key factor in a company’s competitiveness and productivity.

When its employees are healthy and work community enjoys a high level of well-being, a company has a strong foundation for success in all economic situations. By promoting the staff’s health and well-being and eliminating risks to work ability, a company can reduce costs arising from undone work. Investments in well-being and coping at work deliver returns that are many-fold in comparison with the original investment.
In the event of an accident or illness, quick access to treatment is crucial in ensuring speedy recovery and timely return to work. This guarantees the best return for your health investment. Well-being at work equals productivity. It is our task to offer our customers the most suitable and cost-efficient occupational healthcare package.

based on needsIndividually designed and implemented
cost-efficient and effectiveTargetted measures
easier to manageUniform package

Effective occupational healthcare services

All you need to do is to know your company. It is our job to identify and provide occupational healthcare services that meet your needs.

We work with more than 23, 400 employers and around 689,000 employees in all business sectors. Our extensive patient database guarantees that we know the health situation, employees and requirements of the work in Finland - locally and nation-wide. Thanks to our unique tools for steering by knowledge, we can tailor a solution to meet our customers’ needs, offering the best support for the well-being and productivity of the company, work community and individual employee. A high level of occupational health benefits the employee and helps create a positive image of the employer. Read more about services below or invite us to visit you.

Preventive occupational healthcare services

The best way to cut costs is to stop them from arising at all.

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Services promoting well-being at work

Investments in the overall well-being of the work community help to boost productivity.

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Medical care with the occupational healthcare services

Quick access to good care. Speedy return to productive work.

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Ask for more information or for an offer for the occupational healthcare solutions for your company or business field.

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Steering by knowledge

Continuous analysis and processing of information accumulated from occupational healthcare activities facilitate the easy management of the service package and improve its impact.

We compile, analyze and process vast amounts of data from our occupational healthcare activities, including our care work and patient database. We have developed unique tools for steering with knowledge, which enable us to manage the most suitable, up-to-date service package in collaboration with the customer. Our ability to identify and target the right measures at the right age, job and risk group offers clear benefits: the best returns for your health investment. Read more about tools for steering by knowledge:

Efficient information flow
Työterveys Extranet

Työterveys Extranet is a joint communication, information and contact platform for the customer and the occupational healthcare services. With this extranet service, information can be stored and transferred confidentially and the health situation can be analyzed in a variety of reporting formats.

Targeted care with an impact
Terveystalo Etydi

Etydi is a unique monitoring tool available to Terveystalo’s healthcare staff, enabling the monitoring of risks to work ability, patients with chronic illnesses and the impact or treatment on the level of both the company and individual. With Etydi, measures can be targeted more accurately and efficiently.

Relevant information to assist in disability management
Sirius HR

Terveystalo Sirius HR is a disability management tool for large organizations. Sirius HR automatically identifies individuals whose work ability and ability to function require additional support. It serves as a joint tool for the occupational healthcare provider and the customer, offering support for efficient disability management and ensuring that investments are targeted appropriately.

Terveystalo Cost Analysis reveals the costs of work not done

Cost analysis creates an overview of the key costs involved in work not done, their development and saving potential and helps in comparison of the cost level of the particular organization with general and industry-specific cost levels. It provides a financial perspective on disability management and a shared tool and measuring system for HR and financial and business management to assist them in disability management.

Oma Terveys online service

Oma Terveys is an online service, which allows you to view your own, or your children’s, health information easily, regardless of time and place. You can access the service at with your banking identification or mobile ID.

Electronic surveys for the assessment of work ability and well-being at work.

The Health Survey reveals disability risks and latent health problems.
TyöOptimi survey helps identify prolonged work stress before an actual burnout occurs. The survey is specifically designed for employees in information-intensive work and in expert positions.
Better Workplace Community Survey helps in assessing the functioning of the work community and well-being of the staff and in designing development measures.

Our calculator tells you how much your company can save by vaccinating the employees

Influenza vaccination

The influenza annually confines up to half a million Finns to the sick bed. The most effective way to guard against influenza is vaccination. Influenza vaccination prevents the disease in approximately 80 percent of cases and shortens the duration of the disease.

Calculate how much your company can lower the costs of sick leaves by vaccinating the employees. Large companies can save tens of thousands of euros, and smaller companies can also achieve significant savings.

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Benefits for employees

Each of your employees is entitled to our loyal customer benefits. Loyal customer membership offers overall support for your employees’ health and well-being.

  • We encourage people to look after their own health and well-being independently, while offering relevant information
  • With us, you can save money from privately paid healthcare services for employees and their family members
  • Loyal customer membership is automatic and free of charge, and you do not have to apply for it separately
  • Your benefits are available everywhere in Finland

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