How much influenza vaccination can save your money?

Use the calculator below to find out how much your company can lower the costs of sick leaves by vaccinating the employees. Large companies can save tens of thousands of euros, and smaller companies can also achieve significant savings. Enter the number of employees and the average cost of a sick day within your company in the calculator. You can adjust the numbers using the sliders or enter the exact number directly in the text field. The table indicates the sick leaves caused by the influenza and the graph illustrates the savings achieved through vaccination.

Calculate the savings achieved through vaccinations in euros



The calculation is based on the following assumptions:

  • If nobody is vaccinated, 10% of the population contracts the influenza.
  • The influenza usually requires 5 days of sick leave.
  • The average cost of a sick day is 350 euros (you can change this value).
  • In 5% of the cases, the influenza causes complications and the employee has to be on sick leave for 10 days.
  • The vaccination is effective in 80% of cases, which means that 20% do not get full protection. 10% of these also contract the influenza, but in their case, the illness is often less severe and only requires 3 days of sick leave.
  • The price of the vaccination is 37 euros per person.

Vaccinations for staff can give significant savings


100 employeesSavings
up to €11,080
Influenza vaccinationPrevents the disease
in 80 percent
of cases
The influenza usuallyrequires 5 days
of sick leave


The influenza annually confines up to half a million Finns to the sick bed. The most effective way to guard against influenza is vaccination. Influenza vaccination prevents the disease in approximately 80 percent of cases and shortens the duration of the disease. It is recommended that you take the vaccine well before the first wave of seasonal flu, which usually comes around the turn of the year.

The benefits of vaccinating employees are probably even greater, as every vaccinated employee protects his or her family as well as his or her unvaccinated colleagues, which means that the number of people who contract the influenza is lower than the estimate above indicates. The benefits of the vaccination are even greater if the influenza is severe and unvaccinated employees have to be on sick leave for up to 7–14 days.

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