Coronavirus testing at Terveystalo


The coronavirus infection can be tested during the infection with molecular diagnostic tests (so-called coronavirus tests) or, after the infection, by testing antibodies in recovered patients. Familiarize yourself with the testing criteria and read more about the coronavirus test and antibody test below.

Coronavirus test 

If a person becomes infected with coronavirus, the coronavirus can be detected with a molecular diagnostic test (so-called coronavirus test). This test can detect the coronavirus disease at the early stage when the virus is excreted in the nasopharyngeal mucosa. An asymptomatic person may also excrete coronavirus. Therefore, physician may also decide to examine asymptomatic people in some exposure situations. 

Coronavirus testing is carried out in clinics specializing in the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory tract infection symptoms or in separate coronavirus testing points. See list of all Terveystalo clinics providing coronavirus testing.. Patients to be tested are guided to facilities separate from the other operations of Terveystalo primarily through the remote physician’s appointment either in the Doctor Chat 24/7 service or a telephone or video appointment.

Testing criteria

Terveystalo’s coronavirus tests are available, at a physician’s discretion, to patients who have suitable infection symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle pain, rhinitis, nausea, or diarrhea). The occupational health nurse can also provide a referral for occupational health care customers. At Terveystalo, completely asymptomatic people may also be tested in connection with suspected outbreaks and when investigating the direct close contacts of an infected person.

The physician responsible for account management may decide on agreeing with the company that the entire personnel will be tested on the basis of the risk assessment regardless of their symptoms. The purpose of this testing is to find asymptomatic coronavirus carriers. 

The criteria will be updated as necessary. Terveystalo physician will assess the necessity of testing. Terveystalo submits information on all positive test results to the customers’ hospital district or infectious disease specialist of the specific catchment area on a daily basis. All tests taken at Terveystalo are included in the national registers of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Terveystalo’s coronavirus testing can be accessed through remote doctor’s appointment 

A remote doctor’s appointment is a good way to minimize the potential risks of exposure. Our common goal is to maintain high work ability among healthcare professionals as they play a key role in combatting the virus. A remote doctor’s appointment also reduces the need for personal protective equipment, such as respirators, needed in clinical examinations, the availability of which is reported to be already globally challenging.  

What to do if you suspect you have coronavirus disease? 

  • Read instructions here
  • First, contact Terveystalo’s Doctor Chat 24/7 remote service.
  • If your case meets the testing criteria, Terveystalo’s chat doctor may give you a testing referral.
  • Terveystalo’s specialist will make a testing appointment for you and give you instructions on how to arrive at the nearest testing point.
  • Come to the testing point on foot or by your own car if it is a Drive-in. Otherwise act according the special arrival instructions and do not use the main door entering Terveystalo clinic.
  • The test result will be ready in 1–3 days and immediately available also in the Oma Terveys service. During this time, the tested person needs to stay in quarantine-like conditions at home.
  • The price for the coronavirus test is EUR 235 and it is Kela-reimbursable. The Kela reimbursement is EUR 56 and the price after the Kela reimbursement is EUR 179
  • Should your coronavirus test be positive, an expert from Terveystalo will call you with instructions for further treatment. Price for instructions for further treatment is 36 €.

Coronavirus antibody test

During the recovery process, the immune system starts to produce antibodies to the virus and the antibodies also play their part in removing the virus from the body. There are individual differences in the production of antibodies. According to the current knowledge, antibodies can be reliably identified three weeks after the onset of symptoms at the earliest (or, in case of an asymptomatic patient, three weeks after being exposed) and, therefore, the antibody test will be scheduled accordingly. Coronavirus antibodies reveal that the patient has had coronaviruses in their body.

Testing criteria

An antibody test can be used in situations in which there is reason to suspect that a person has had the coronavirus disease previously based on the symptoms or exposure.

Such situations include, for example,

  • a situation in which the person has previously received a negative result from the coronavirus test
  • investigations of a local epidemic in the workplace.
  • Testing can also be carried in situations in which the infectious disease specialist in charge has not officially deemed that the person has been exposed to the virus and placed the person in quarantine, but there are, nevertheless, justifiable reasons to suspect an infection (suspected exposure).

At Terveystalo, the antibody test is performed by taking a blood sample from the patient’s arm. The patient must be completely healthy when arriving to take the test. After the testing has started on May 8, the tests can be taken at all Terveystalo laboratories, including during weekends. The test requires a referral issued by a physician and can be performed three weeks after the possible coronavirus disease, at the earliest. When you have received a referral, you can book a sampling appointment directly from the clinic by calling Terveystalo’s customer service at 030 6000 or by booking an appointment directly online (starting in week 20). The price for the test is EUR 89 and it is Kela-reimbursable. The Kela reimbursement is EUR 5 and the price after the Kela reimbursement is EUR 84.

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