Terveystalo as a corporate citizen

We bear our share of responsibility for Finland and the Finns

Our operations are directed by Terveystalo's values, i.e. expertise and caring, as well as the general principles and guidelines of the healthcare sector, and the company's Code of Conduct. In terms of taxation Terveystalo and its group companies follow the responsible tax policy established under our public tax strategy.

We are committed to follow the principls of responsible business and the high ethical requirements of healthcare services. We are members in FIBS - CR network in Finland and Association for Finnish Work.

Our operations have a significant impact on the functioning of society and Finnish national economy

Without a healthy workforce, it is impossible to maintain a high level of national economy. We are responsible for the occupational health of more than half a million Finns. Through our operations, we can help reduce costs arising from sick leave and extend working careers.

Quality comes from a satisfied personnel

We offer employment to over 13,000 healthcare professionals and indirectly to thousands of employees. We offer an encouraging and flexible working environment which supports the individual development of our employees. We believe that employee satisfaction, together with expertise and professional skills, is important and can be seen as better treatment and service experience for our customers.

Our customer satisfaction is high

We continuously monitor the satisfaction of our customers and develop our services to meet their needs and expectations.

We follow responsible tax policy

The key principles of Terveystalo's tax policy are written in our public tax strategy (published in Finnish). In addition to the group companies, also our suppliers are required to follow the similar principles.

In 2020, Terveystalo's tax footprint totaled to EUR 152.3 million. Of this, taxes paid comprised EUR 39.5 million. See tax footprint in detail.

We operate as a partner for the public sector

We bear our social responsibility by producing a significant volume of services to support public healthcare. Due to our operations, the public healthcare provision is burdened less, financial costs decrease and patients have quicker access to care. For example, mammography screening offered as a public service, with approximately 250,000 women being invited every year, is mainly carried out at Terveystalo. The screenings are the cheapest in the Nordic countries and, according to OECD comparisons, among the best in Europe.

We urge the business field towards customer-orientation and improved quality

As a leading company in the field, Terveystalo is developing the measurement of the quality, transparency and impact of treatment, and the publication of related results. Our goal is to be a Nordic leader in terms of quality.

We are building a sustainable relationship with the environment

The production of healthcare services is in part controlled by legislation and regulations pertaining to environmental issues. In addition, we are continuously developing our operating models and methods. Goals related to the environment include the reduction of waste volumes, increased energy efficiency and the development of monitoring systems related to these.

We are a responsible social innovator

We want to be extensively involved in developing healthcare in Finland and promoting the well-being of the Finnish people. We build customer-oriented cooperation models with the public sector and engage in active social debate with the decision-makers and leaders of the healthcare industry.