Tax footprint

Tax footprint is an indicator of tax revenue and tax-like payments generated for society as a result of the business activities. In addition to direct and indirect taxes, Terveystalo's tax footprint includes tax-like payments related to the personnel and tax withheld from salaries.

In 2020, Terveystalo's tax footprint totaled to EUR 152.3 million. Of this, taxes paid comprised EUR 39.5 million, tax-like payments related to the personnel made up EUR 47.8 million, and taxes withheld from salaries totaled EUR 65.1 million. In addition, a total of EUR 283.2 million was paid in fees to private practitioners. Each private practitioner pays their individual taxes separately.

In 2020, Terveystalo paid EUR 21.3 million in value added tax. Value added tax is significant factor in healthcare, since private healthcare companies are not eligible to deduct value added tax on their purchases.

For the customers, healthcare services sold by a private service provider are tax exempt (except other than healthcare services, such as aesthetical surgery). In addition to VAT, Terveystalo has paid property tax, transfer tax, income tax and taxes collected from dividends. Terveystalo's losses in previous years have reduced the amount of income tax paid.

The tax footprint covers all Terveystalo Goup companies operating in Finland. The company has two foreign subsidiaries that have not been included as their revenue so far is minimal in relation to Group total revenue.