Well-being is built on functional healthcare

Terveystalo is a responsible social operator which attempts to add openness and patient-orientation to healthcare services in everything it does. We believe that responsibility for well-being means:


High-quality healthcare services

We believe that quality signifies, not only clinical quality, but also customer service quality and cost-efficiency. By measuring clinical quality, we can improve the impact of healthcare services. We openly publish our results related to customer service levels and the clinical quality of our services. Our goal is to be a business leader in terms of quality.

Freedom of choice for customers

Patients should have the right to compare services, to choose and to have an impact. The EU Directive on Patient Mobility that entered into force in October 2013 provides each EU citizen with the right to choose their medical treatment facility within the EU area. In Finland, the Health Care Act to be ratified in 2014 will slightly increase the freedom of choice for patients, but does not fully implement the EU principle.


Healthcare needs quality and transparency. Healthcare operators should be able to more clearly demonstrate the impact of their operations, which is not only about costs. Quality and price information should be public in order to be comparable.


Efficiently produced services are for the benefit of taxpayers. A responsible use of tax assets requires that public service costs are transparent and can be questioned.

Doing everything better

Guaranteeing well-being services requires changes throughout the field. As a leading company, we are developing the measurement of quality and impact, and the publication of related results. Terveystalo has for years been developing electronic healthcare services. They make everyday life easier and encourage people to bear more responsibility for their health.


Similar to other business fields, the healthcare industry needs investments to develop services.