Patient safety

Patient safety includes the right treatment at the right time.

The safety of our patients and the satisfaction of our customers form the core of our operations. Patient safety means that patients receive the right treatment at the right time. We can guarantee quality, safety, customer-orientation and results through standard operating methods, continuous training offered for experts, and modern facilities and technologies.

Proportioned to the number of appointments, the number of patient injuries associated with Terveystalo is below the national average for the sector. We monitor and assess patient safety and clinical quality by, for example, measuring the number of infections, anomalies and dangerous situations, official requests for clarification, and solutions of the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre.

Terveystalo follows a self-monitoring plan prepared according to Valvira's guidelines. It is supplemented by our operating manual and process charts with work instructions. We also comply with occupational safety guidelines and instructions set for hygiene and infection prevention.
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Patient safety and the development of healthcare services according to the best interests of patients are supervised by Petri Bono, Chief Medical Officer, MD, Docent, Internist. The Chief Medical Officer also ensures that Terveystalo utilizes the treatment methods and expertise required by good care. A regularly meeting patient safety team works under the Chief Medical Officer. The team monitors the fulfillment of patient safety at Terveystalo.

Our quality-certified recruitment process demands that the qualifications of the person to be recruited are verified from the medical professional register maintained by Valvira. We closely review the expertise of the person to be selected, together with the licenses required by the task and practical linguistic skills in relation to the expertise and qualifications required in the position.