Patient ombudsman

Every healthcare unit has a patient ombudsman who provides patients with information about their rights and aims to promote patients' rights.

The purpose of the patient ombudsman is to instruct and aid patients if they are unsatisfied with the care or treatment received. The patient ombudsman does not take any stand on clinical decisions, give explanations or make decisions. Furthermore, the patient ombudsman does not issue statements on whether or not a treatment error has occurred when treating the patient.

Terveystalo's patient ombudsman

Tel. +358 30 633 1709

The Terveystalo patient ombudsman is available:

  • mon 12.00–15.00
  • tue 9.00–12.00
  • wed 12.00–15.00
  • thu 9.00–12.00 
  • fri 9.00–11.00

Instruction to patients

Customer feedback

You can send us feedback on the service received.

Personal discussion

If you are unsatisfied with your care or treatment, you should first use the quick and easy channels to file your complaint. By talking openly with the person who treated you or his or her supervisor, you can easily resolve any misunderstandings and correct any errors or defects in treatment so that no other measures are required. Give us feedback.


Patients can always file a notification if they are unsatisfied with the service received at Terveystalo. You can file your notification through the Customer feedback channel or use the notification form which is available at each Terveystalo office. The notification will be handled and responded to by the director of the unit or a person authorized by him or her.

Claim and complaint

Patients or their family members also have the right to file a written claim or complaint related to their medical care or treatment. The format of the claim is free and it can be submitted to the Terveystalo office in which the patient was treated. Alternatively, the claim can be mailed to the patient ombudsman who will forward it to the correct person for responding. The response to the claim will always be issued by the physician responsible for healthcare services.

Complaints are submitted directly to the Regional State Administrative Agency or Valvira

Patient injury notification

If patients or their family members suspect any malpractice, they can file a patient injury notification to the Patient Insurance Centre, which will investigate and resolve the matter.