The categories of personal data processed

Basic information
  • Name, personal identity code, contact details, mother language and language of service, occupation, manager/employee relation, other identification information (e.g. copy of a passport), next of kin specified by the patient/in case of underaged patients, guardians and their contact details
Health information
  • Health information required by healthcare professionals for treating the patient (patient records, photographs, referrals, statements and forms)
  • Health and self-care data provided by the patient
  • Information on laboratory tests, imaging studies, and other examinations.
  • Information related to physiotherapy and occupational physiotherapy as well as information related to the employer
    (such as workplace visits)
Information related to work ability
  • The customer data used in the work ability coaching services
  • Information necessary for handling a customer’s rehabilitation case, entered by the work ability coach
  • Assignment from a pension or accident insurance company or other party and the appendices thereto
Information related to well-being
  • Information related to well-being, such as replies to questionnaires, follow-up data and analyses
  • Measurement data produced or delivered by the person themselves
Gene test data
  • Samples and test results
Employer information
  • Information pertaining to the employer of occupational health care customers, such as department or unit, job title, sickness fund membership, the employer’s insurance company details
Appointment information
  • Customer, date, time, place and the person for whom the appointment was made as well as the person who made the appointment and date on which it was made
  • Appointment history
Recordings of customer service events
  • Telephone number of the caller, identifier of the recipient, date and hour, and the recording of the conversation
  • Chat session recordings
  • Parties to the chat, date and hour, and the recording of the chat
Invoicing information
  • Invoicing information concerning treatment and examinations. Payer information related to the treatment or care (for example insurance company)
  • Orderer and payer information related to the online shop
Information of the online services for logged in customers (e.g. Oma Terveys and Oma Terveys)
  • Information related to the user’s health entered by the user
  • Information on health and any mobility limitations, injuries, illnesses, or other health problems
  • Vaccination information
  • Information on hobbies and other interests
  • Information related to the use of a heart rate monitor or activity tracker
  • Other information entered by the user in relation to the user’s health and fitness
The handling of feedback, clarification requests from the authorities, and incidents
  • Feedback or clarification requests and the replies to them
  • Contact information reported by the feedback provider
  • Incident description and the report given to the person concerned.
Other information related to the service
  • Name and title of the person who made the note on the patient record as well as data and time on which it was made
  • Information on satisfaction in services and comments on the controller’s services
  • Information related to wishes, choices, and services that the user would like to have
  • Contact history
  • Information recorded from a third party register with the user’s express consent
  • Loyal customer information
Data related to online behavior and analytics
  • IP address
  • Browser-related and operating system information
  • Session ID and other equivalent information
  • Website behavior during the session
Consents and refusals
  • A person’s consent and refusal information related to direct marketing and the processing of personal data